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Purchase, build, or refinance flag hotels with the right capital to grow

You’ve worked hard to build your hotel business. You deserve a partner in the hotel financing industry.

Building, buying and managing flag hotels in today’s destination markets is no easy task, but you’ve built your team around customer service, exacting standards specified by your hotel’s flag and supported by yourself and your management team. When the time comes to expand and reposition through acquisitions, refinancing, construction, and property improvement, your loan broker should have an understanding and respect for what it takes to build your business to where it is today.

Why Our Approach Works

hotel loans

Flag hotel investors know the path to successful financial deals can be studded with landmines – a flag won’t issue a comfort letter to a lender, a hotelier is preparing for an upcoming Flag review, a pending Property Improvement Plan has made a prior lender skittish about whether the property will require extensive renovation or operating statements look shaky due to the concerns about travel following the global pandemic.

The reality is that every barrier in this dynamic sector of the hospitality industry is an opportunity to connect with the right lenders. The lending industry is not one-size-fits-all. Many of the leading banks are hesitant on all but the most proven hotel and resort properties, but that doesn’t mean these lenders are the only, or even the best, option available to close deals with managers, owners, or in collaboration with property brokers.

Successful renovation, construction, and acquisition deals are funded by a wide variety of capital sources.

Zemax Capital Funding Solutions has developed a network of lenders ready to work with hotels, hotel brokers, buyers, and developers to fund growth and expansion in this industry. Because of our work in hospitality, Zemax Capital Funding Solutions has become a go-to partner for flag hotel owners and managers seeking funds to support business and development.

Our Advantages


Our financial brokers work with you to understand your business scenario and to match loan applications to the right lenders. We pre-evaluate your scenario and business objectives to match your loan package to lenders that are a likely match, often bringing you more than one loan option.


When time is of the essence, Top Cap is able to help you accelerate your path to the closing table. Because of our experience, we reduce your time applying for unfruitful loans and help you present a successful loan package the first time. Many financing options can close in a matter of days or weeks, as compared to traditional loan offers.


Zemax Capital Funding is positioned to serve the hospitality industry, especially Flag hotel operators. Because of our deep focus on the industry, we know how to build successful relationships that allow businesses to grow.

Currently Funding in Top Cities Nation Wide

Even in the most competitive markets there is funding for businesses in the Flag hotel market.
Bring us your acquisition, refinance, or new construction deal and let us help you fund your Flag Hotel.
Acquisition Financing

We are able to respond when a deal is at risk of falling apart, just as much as we are able to help owners develop a long-term plan for financial growth. No matter what stage you are at your hotel acquisition has more than one path to a successful deal.

Value Added Financing

By developing a proactive model for upgrades and amenity additions, your properties remain front of mind for customers. From the latest PTAC heating and cooling units to pool, cabanas, conference room upgrades, and industrial systems.

Construction Financing

Build your Flag hotel or resort from the ground up with construction financing. These loans distribute based on construction project milestones, helping you to manage costs and confirm the completion of each stage through an independent inspector.

C-PACE Financing

Add state and federally supported sustainable features to your property with up-front financing and tax incentives that pay for the program over time. Upgrade and save, with valuable regionally sponsored energy initiatives.

SBA Loans

Small Business Administration loans are available to many independent owners of flag hotels. Though the brand that owns the flag may be a corporation, the owner and manager of the hotel may qualify, depending on annual revenue and the number of employees in the business.

Operating Capital

Many flag hotels are eligible for a line of credit to manage costs throughout the year. Business lines of credit can be used for any business expense and are an important tool in the management of working capital.

Who We Serve

Hotel Owners

For going operations, the logical next step may be to purchase another hotel in the same or a different market. We help you strategize ways to fund expansion, whether you are seeking a property in a targeted tier one or tier two market, or you are seeking to acquire, upgrade or build a new property in your existing market.

Hotel Managers

Managers, finance and accounting in particular, are often tasked with the effort to fund amenity upgrades, maintenance or expansion. There are no up-front costs in working with Top Cap Commercial Finance. Let us see if we can beat the offers you’ve sourced yourself. Many businesses, after a few transactions, find they can rely on Top Cap for all of their financing needs and as a “second set of eyes” on the operation’s books.

Hotel Brokers

Many real estate brokers rely on their financial partners to provide insight and necessary funds to facilitate flag hotel buyers and developers to close successful deals. Zemax Capital Funding Solutions works closely with brokers and their clients as a trusted partner in their acquisitions plan.


Financing for Premium Flag Brands

We’ve sourced funds for projects on behalf of new and existing flag hotel owners who manage properties flagged under the Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Wyndham, and Best Western brands and sub-brands, among others. Start a conversation today, and one of our hotel financing specialists will reach out to let you know the current rates and term your property will qualify for.


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