Our hotel financing options promise to help our clients find the funding they need to establish themselves in hospitality. Depending on their needs we can connect them to a variety of loans and leasing programs, which can provide them with everything from equipment to facilities. In the breakneck world of hospitality having a partner who is ready to help when needed is essential, and Top Cap financial will work with our clients to ensure those needs are met.

Equipment and Furniture Funding

Equipment and furniture may be financed through a loan or lease program, each of which has its own benefits. A loan ensures that the client is able to use the equipment as soon as possible and immediately start generating revenue from it.

A lease features no down payment, with the entirety of equipment’s cost included by financing 100% of the purchase. The risk is also reduced, with the purchase placed as the collateral, lowering the financial risk for the business should anything happen. Loans also minimize risk exposure, with a lack of fear from broken equipment and no need to sell items when upgrading.

What is being purchased may also have impact on what type of financing the client is seeking. Items such as beds or other furniture may be better suited for a loan, while equipment like computers or payment managing software may be better for a lease.


Real Estate or Franchising Financing

Financing for real estate or franchise rights can be done through a variety of means, with a specific focus on finding you the best funding for type facility you are opening.

If the client is not associated with an established brand and purchasing an already built location we can provide acquisition financing or permanent real estate loans. The choice of which will depend on the size of the business, how much it has for down payment, and how long they would need to pay off the loan. If the client is building a new facility from the ground up, or looking to renovate an existing building, we can connect them with a short-term construction loan, which helps cover the cost of development and building construction. These loans generally have a 3-year length, are secured by a mortgage.

If the client will be working with an established brand as a franchisee they may need to work with specific loans and programs in order to ensure funding. We can help them with this process and work to ease the momentous task of figuring out what the path forward is.





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