Real Estate Investment Financing

Real estate investment is a very lucrative business and, when financed from the very beginning, will continue to be successful for the life of the organization. We offer loans providing the financing and flexibility required for this broad range of needs, including acquisition, construction and development, permanent, and lines of credit. Most financing options for real estate investment business offer flexible repayment options and require little to no outside collateral, making them highly obtainable even for those just starting out.



Manufacturers face many different challenges than typical business that require alternative funding options. Huge client orders that require large amounts of materials and time to complete can often cause huge financial trouble for manufacturing companies. We offer funding that can be used to pay purchase orders, employee wages and fund operations while you are waiting for clients to remit payment. With little to no collateral, manufacturing businesses use funds to stay afloat even when finances are tied up in purchase orders.


Contractor Financing

Contractor business owners require funding to purchase new or upgraded tools, required materials, and equipment on a regular basis. Our Contractor loan options provide financing to business owners with valid references and a track record of good business practices. Funds can be used to finance the start of a large project where a purchase order will cause money to be delayed. Business owners can also use funds to purchase new or upgraded equipment and tools to make the job safer and easier.


Commercial and Industrial Financing

Large commercial and industrial companies often require extra funds for purchasing equipment, inventory and advertising. The purchase of large machinery or specialized equipment can easily absorb huge amounts of finances. Our commercial and industrial loans provide funding to purchase inventory, materials and supplies, to fund a large advertising effort, or to pay employee wages, benefits and insurance. Maintaining safe working conditions is a top priority for large commercial and industrial firms and alternative funding options allow businesses to spend funds where they are needed most.


Construction Loans

Equipment rentals, building materials, insurance, and employee wages can become overwhelming when monies are tied up in invoices and purchase orders. While waiting for clients to remit payment, bills and other obligations often suffer in the interim. We offer a variety of funding options to help construction projects stay on track while still easily covering bill payment and employee wages. Funds can be used to purchase equipment, tools, materials, wages and insurance, upgrades and advertising with very few restrictions.


ACDBE Financing & DBE Financing

Businesses registered as ACDBE and/or DBE are often denied loans from traditional banks. We offer funding options for these disadvantaged business owners to finance purchase orders, fund construction projects and to pay employee wages. Generally funds cannot be used to purchase equipment or to pay long-term debt. ACDBE and DBE entities typically are not eligible for traditional loans, but our lending network is very comfortable financing projects, material purchase, employee wages, benefits and insurance.





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