At Top Cap we understand the difficulties facing the medical industry in the modern day and age. The rising cost of running a successful practice can put a strain on company or medical professional. And much as a patient trusts their doctor to provide the best care, the provider needs to trust their financial partners to provide them with the best advice and connections. That is why we work to find our clients the best in medical financing to suit their needs. With solutions to fit the largest hospitals to the smallest dental clinics, we promise to work with you to determine the best direction for your financial needs.

Equipment funding

Funding comes from different sources based on our client’s specific needs. Equipment may be financed through a loan or lease program, each of which has its own benefits. A loan ensures that the client is able to use the equipment as soon as possible and immediately start generating revenue from it. The other major benefit is that many times the equipment is put up as collateral, which is perfect for smaller practices who may not get assistance from larger banks.

A lease features no down payment, with the entirety of equipment’s cost included by financing 100% of the cost. The risk is also reduced as the device is placed up as collateral, meaning that there is no need to put up additional collateral. Loans also minimize risk exposure, with a lack of fear from down equipment, and no expensive, highly specialized items to sell when the lease is over.


Real Estate Financing

Financing for real estate can be done through a variety of means, with a specific focus on finding you the best funding for the facility you use. If establishing a practice in an already built location we can provide acquisition financing or permanent real estate loans, both of which provide the means to purchase real estate. The choice of which will depend on the size of the business, how much it has for down payment, and how long they would need to pay off the loan.

If building a new facility from the ground up, or looking to renovate an existing building, we can connect clients with a short-term construction loan, which helps cover the cost of development and building construction. These loans generally have a 3-year length, are secured by a mortgage.


For other needs loans can also be established, with a focus on expanding a practice, buying out a partner, or creating a line of credit for working capital. Depending on the needs of the client this can come in a variety of forms.





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