Zemax Capital Funding Solutions offers both long and short-term real estate financing solutions, including acquisition, constructions and development, and permanent. Our solutions help business owners who are looking to purchase new property, develop land, or fix and flip property f or a profit. Our real estate financing options vary in length from 1 – 30 years with affordable rates.

Acquisition Financing

Buying real estate is an essential part of growth and expansion. Whether funds are needed for purchasing another building to be used for storage, expansion, or owner occupation, a real estate acquisition loan is the best option. Almost any legitimate business is eligible for financing, including manufacturing, wholesale, service, professional service or retail. We offer long-term loans, typically 10 to 20 years for the purchase of commercial real estate. In most cases, applicants are required to invest approximately 10 percent of the total real estate cost. Our acquisition loans are perfect for small businesses because of the low interest rates.


Bridge Lines | Bridge Loans

We offer short-term loan options, typically repaid over 3 years while waiting for long term financing to be funded. Most commonly known as a bridge loan, these are also known as “caveat loan,” and, less often, as a swing loan. These short-term loans allow the borrower to meet current financial obligations by providing immediate cash flow. Funding can be used to pay employee wages, business utility bills and other accounts payable. We provide bridge funding options for businesses who are applying for long-term loans so that they can avoid delay in operations. With low APR, a bridge loan is typically approved for experienced businesses with a comprehensive portfolio.


Construction Loans

We offer short-term construction loans, which are on average 3 years in length, to finance clients’ development projects. These loans are secured by a mortgage and are used to cover the cost of development and building construction. The funds are disbursed as needed, or as parts of construction are completed. Disbursement can also occur according to a prearranged schedule. Permanent financing is usually arranged before the construction loan is disbursed. Our construction loans are available for construction of new facilities, or to modernize, renovate or convert existing facilities. Funds can also be used for the purchase of fixed assets like interior or exterior improvements, including owner-occupied buildings, street improvements, utilities, parking lot construction or repair and landscaping. We provide options like low APRs and easy repayment plans, making our short-term construction loans perfect for many businesses.


Development Loans

These normally short-term loans of 1 to 3 years are used for the development of land. Development loans are used for things like; construction of buildings, excavation work, running electrical lines, storm sewers and roads. Development loans typically require that the property be used as collateral for the loan until it is sold or can financially support permanent financing.

Unlike a construction loan, a development loan is used before there are any buildings on the land. Our development loans feature up to 65% Loan to Value and low APR making them – possibly making them the most desirable financing for businesses looking for funding for development projects. Usually proof of past projects and experience will be required for approval.


Fix and Flip Lines of Credit

Our fix and flip line of credit allows an investor to acquire, improve, and resell a property for profit with potentially little or no money out of pocket. Typical fix and flip lines will fund up to

100% of the purchase and repair price, as long as the loan amount is 70% or less of the appraised after repair value (ARV).

Funding is most often used for purchase of real property, repairs, contractor fees, listing and broker fees, and other aspects of property investment. These short-term loans are typically repaid with profits from the sale of renovated properties and are usually 1-12 months in length. Our fix and flip lines are readily available for businesses with 2 or more years of experience in the industry.


Hard Money Loans

When a business’s credit score is less than desirable, or they have been denied a loan in the past, our hard money loans are a great option for funding. Instead of using credit history as collateral, some type of physical property (asset) is typically used to ensure repayment. Traditional banks do not offer this type of loan. Our hard money loan APR varies depending on size and scope of loan needed and can be anywhere from 9% to 18%. Applicants will need 65% – 75% Loan to Value ratio for approval. A hard money loan is typically more desirable and attainable than a traditional loan for a business that does not meet traditional criteria or have a lower credit score.


Permanent Real Estate Loans

Permanent real estate loans are obtained after completion of construction, usually to repay short-term construction loans. Our permanent loans are long-term, typically 15 – 30 years for the financing of fixed assets like real estate. Funds can be used to repay construction loans, financing for property acquisition, or to refinance any existing debt. Permanent financing is also known as permanent mortgage. With a qualifying credit score and Loan to Value ratio of up to 85%, business owners will be approved for funding. Applicants will need to provide DOT and clear title to qualify for permanent financing.





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